Runtime Configuration

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Application File Locations


The database will be created in the current working directory. It will also be expected to be found in the current working directory when you launch JJBox after rebuilding the database.

Background Images

Background images are located in a directory called "Backgrounds" which must be in the current working directory. Images can be JPEG or GIF. A random image is selected each time JJBox is run.

MP3 File Locations

The JJBox configuration tool lets you specify a number of paths to locate MP3s in your filesystem. Each path will be searched through recursively and all MP3s found beneath the path will be added to the database according to their ID3 tags.

(ID3v2 tags will be used in preference to ID3v1 tags. Also ID3v1 tags take much longer to scan for because they're at the end of the MP3 file. Version 2 tags are infinitely preferable).

JJBox Configuration

The first time JJBox is run (or whenever there is no MP3 path set) JJBox will automatically launch the configuration tool.

You can manually run the configuration tool by selecting it from the JJBox main menu, or running it from the command line:

You must configure at least one path so the database can be built.

Building the Database

To build the database, run JJBox and select "Rebuild Database" from the main menu. (This will be part of the Config Tool one day).

Go to "Select Artist" on the JJBox main menu and you should see a list of artist names appear.

Navigation Commands

To navigate around JJBox you can use the keyboard, or program an Infra Red remote control to work with an IRMan. (The IRMan converts IR signals into serial port data). There's a New Zealand IRMan supplier here.

This table lists the key commands for moving around and programming JJBox. The learning remote feature of the Configuration Tool allows you to map these keys to buttons on any remote.

Up/Down/Left/Right Arrows
. (period)
, (comma)

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