JJBox2 (AKA joHnnY's Jukebox)

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NEW VERSION OUT 11 August 2003!


What is it?

joHnnY's Jukebox is yet-another MP3 player. What's different from most MP3 players is that it is designed for use on a television as part of your home-entertainment centre.

This means the screen layout is big and readable on a TV, and programming tracks can be done easily with a remote control (not supplied!).

It is written in 100% Java and has been tested on Win32 and Linux platforms with absolute total success. It's all good.

Where's Version 1?

JJBox was started in 1999, but only a select few people (2 at last count) other than myself have been running it. That was Version 1. I have been encouraged to release it to a wider audience which has meant a lot of code tidying. What we have now is the start of Version 2.

Where do I get it?

See the installation page.

Screen Shots

Navigate thru Artists, Albums & Tracks using keyboard or remote control.

Screen display when playing. A selection of album art...

Backgrounds can be changed to any tiled GIF or JPEG.

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